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The Wig Spa Canada, founded by Cassandra Sutherland, a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor diagnosed in 2020, epitomizes resilience and empowerment. A trichotillomania warrior since age 13, Cassandra has faced permanent hair loss, fueling her passion for custom wigs and creating a haven for those on similar journeys. With a rich background in hairdressing and over 20 years of expertise from diverse wig courses, she's mastered the art of crafting the perfect wig, blending her personal experiences with professional skills.

 The Wig Spa Canada is more than just a store; it's a testament to Cassandra's dream of empowering individuals to feel beautiful and confident. We specialize in high-quality, affordable custom wigs tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring a natural look and a perfect fit. Understanding the complexities of wig selection, we offer compassionate service and a vast array to ease the process, making us a trusted source in the wig community.

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